Presentation Design Gurus

Is your business presentation lacking that va va voom?

The looming presentation deadline

We get it, your boss has asked for a presentation to be put together. Its due tomorrow and whilst no one expects you to put together the Mona Lisa of PowerPoint designs you want it to impress. What you need is a fully dedicated team of presentation design Jedi, this is where we come in...

Presentation design services

The great thing about Xigen is we are a full service design studio. This means as well as PowerPoint, Prezi and video design we can offer a whole host of other custom design work for pretty much any situation you can think of! Print, animation, custom graphics, website design & development and transcreation/localisation work, so if you can dream it we are sure we can deliver it.

  • Deadline turnaround in a matter of hours if necessary rather than days.
  • We will work directly with you until you're 100% happy with the end product.
  • The studio will open late or early to accommodate a tight deadline.
  • Multi-lingual versions of your presentation? No problem.
  • In house design & development teams with almost 15 years in business.


Xigen are always looking forward, pushing the boundaries with both new and old technologies in order to give your presentation the creative edge. We know how important it is for you to fully engage with your audience and understand that there is only a limited amount of time in order to do so. We work with you to pick the best technology for your business presentation requirements.


If there is a godfather of business presention software then PowerPoint is it. We can produce fully custom PowerPoint designs that are sure to impress.


Looking for a fully customisable, multi platform and uploadable option? We have a dedicated motion graphics team that can help you out!


Captivate and amaze your audience by zooming through your story using Prezi. We love using this cutting edge business presentation design software.


Let Xigen build your business presentation using HTML5, Javascript and CSS giving you limitless capabilites and cross platform consistency.

Presentations that speak your language

We offer specialist translation and transcreation services for a wide range of customers across the globe. Our presentation designers and developers are fully versed in working with multiple languages and can be sure to get your message out there, wherever 'there' may be.